Frequently Asked Questions from Sweetbay Customers

1. Q – Do I need a reservation to eat at Sweetbay?

A – Reservations are always recommended but not required, ESPECIALLY on the weekends. The bar and high top tables are always first come first serve. Outside seating is first come first serve with priority given to our reservation holders. You can request an outside table with your reservation, and we will do our absolute best to put you  out there. You can make a reservation over the phone, or on open table via their website, or our website.

2. Q – Where do I find the menu online?

A – You can find the menu on our website, which is updated as significant changes to the menu occur. We often change singular items due to product availability or chef specialties. The most updated list of what is available on any given day can be seen our online ordering menu, accessible through our Facebook page.

3. Q – How do I reserve the private dining room?

A – The private dining room can accommodate 8-14 people, has its own bathroom, and television. You must walk in or call the restaurant to reserve the room, and a credit card number will be taken down in the event that a number of guests do not show up. The card will be charged $20 for each guest that does not show. A $500 minimum on Tuesday-Thursday, and Sunday, and $750 on Friday and Saturday is required to reserve the room.

4. Q – Why did my bill have auto gratuity included?

A – Any party of 5 or more guests will be subject to an automatic 20% gratuity on their check

5. When does the kitchen shift from the lunch to dinner menu?

A – 3:00 PM

6. Can I make substitutions to your menu?

A – We are very accommodating to all allergies, and we are also willing to make simple substitutions to our dishes when we are not busy. If you want to remove anything from a dish, no problem. Anything added to a dish is subject to upcharge. You will never be charged without notice.